Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd offers an array of air purifiers and hydrogen water maker to worldwide clients


Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd which was founded in the year 2006 has accomplished a high degree of specialization in manufacturing air purifiers and water purifiers for industrial and domestic use.

Hydrogen water machine

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 11th Aug 7, Guangzhou, China-Companies categorized under the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of trade and commerce these days use different healthcare products like air purifiers, air dehumidifiers, air circulators, and air filters for clearing the air in working environments. The air circulating inside the factories, offices, depots, and numerous other areas tend to become foul from the extensive use of different machines that process raw materials for producing the final products. The air is replete with microbes, hazardous chemicals, VOCs, and dust particles that pose a constant threat to the health of employees or workers. Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a Guangzhou based company that for the past 11 years has been enthusiastically engaged in producing an extensive range of products including but not limited to water and air purifiers.

The manufacturing concern has a 20,000sq meters factory where 4 distinct production lines are pressed into service everyday for producing air purifier. The different air purifiers are manufactured using the latest fabrication techniques and always conform to specifications outlined by the customers. These air purifiers rid the air of volatile organic compounds, microbes, oily chemical compounds, particles coming out of exhausts, dust mites, and other microorganisms which could adversely affect the health of any individual. Dehumidifiers and desiccant machines are also included under the category of air purifies that not purify the air as well as regulate the RH level.

The air purifier is exported to many countries around the world and is of premium quality. The air purifiers carry the stamp of approval from various international quality certification authorities including CQC, ERP NSF, CB, RoHS, CE, and UL. The Guangzhou Company has a R&D team consisting of 15 experienced technicians who are responsible for coming up with advanced products.

The recent addition to their series of products is the hydrogen water generator. These are attractive looking pots with active H2 water jug for drinking health care OEM and ODM products hydrogen water bottles. These bottles are made from food grade PC free of PBA and have a capacity of 1500 ml. In order to know more about their products or to send an inquiry, customers can visit their website. The website offers all the important information needed to understand different products and order from any place on the planet.

About Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is involved in production and export of a wide variety of water and air purifiers. The company offers some advanced yet attractive looking products to customers from across the globe. For more details about their products, please visit their website.

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The Importance Of Having A Best Baby Bottle Warmer And Sterilizer To Nursing Mothers

Enssu started their business from Baby Bottle Warmer,Baby Bottle Sterilizer And Baby Bottle Thermostat.We have design,develop,manufacturing and selling best baby bottle warmer and sterilizer many years ago.And allo of our baby products we have our own mould for it.

Today Enssu will tell you someting about the importance of having a best baby bottle warmer and sterilizer to nursing mothers.

One of the problems facing nursing mothers is the feeding of their babies. Before the invention of the baby bottle warmer and sterilizer, most nursing mothers normally microwaved their babies’ foods before feeding them. The bottle containing their breast milk would be warmed with a microwave when they wanted to feed their babies. There were also some mothers that were using stoves in order to heat the bottle containing their babies’ food before they could feed them. Some women also put their babies’ feeding bottles in a pot of hot water in order to warm them.

Studies have proved the above means of warming breast milk to be unhygienic. Breast milk has some nutritious contents which can easily be lost when exposed to a very high temperature or too much heat. When you are warming the bottle containing your breast milk with microwave, you can easily overheat the bottle, and this can lead to the loss of the nutrients in the breast milk. The same can happen when you are heating the bottle with a stove or a gas cooker. There is no thermostat that will help you to regulate the temperature of the stove or microwave. Besides, the baby can also be scalded by hot breast milk.

If you are using a pot of hot water to warm to warm your baby’s food, it will take time before it will be properly warmed. The hungry baby will not be able to wait for you to warm the milk properly. He or she will cry until you feed him or her. The baby bottle warmer and sterilizer is produced to make the task easier for nursing mothers. It quickly gets the bottle containing the breast milk heated to the required temperature.

There are different brands and models of this appliance. Each brand has its own peculiarities and features. There are some brands with auto switch off feature. With this feature, the bottle warmer will automatically switch off immediately the required temperature is reached. There are also some brands that have alarm systems. The alarm will ring immediately the bottle is heated to the appropriate temperature. Some brands also come with nightlight.

Bottle warmer is very portable. It does not take up space in your kitchen. You can keep it comfortably in your baby’s room. Its size makes it the best option for nursing mothers who want to travel. They can easily include it in their luggage.

From the above, there is no doubt whether nursing mothers need a baby bottle warmer and sterilizer or not. It may seem to be expensive, but you will get value for your money. It saves you time and also helps in guiding against the loss of breast milk’s nutrients. It is more hygienic to use this appliance in warming baby’s food than to use stoves.

Nursing bottle accessories have a wide array of categories. For detailed information about nursing bottle accessories and other baby bottle products and baby bottle accessories,you can visit enssu website for more about it.

About Enssu:

Enssu design, develop, manufacture and sell baby nursing & feeding electric appliances such as Baby Hair Clipper/Trimmer, Baby Feeding Bottle Warmer, Baby Thermostat, Baby Feeding Bottle Sterilizer, Baby Electric Nail Polisher, etc.

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OLANSI AIR PURIFIER make your home environment fresh and healthy with modern design

The whole content is about Olansi is the world’s most friendly home appliances manufacturer company, the Olansi air purifier, that how the Olansi air purifier works and how you can get a healthy and fresh air for the breath. You also will know about my personal experience about the Olansi air purifier.

olansi product range

Olansi air purifier is a well-designed air purifier, which provides pure air in your home. It is a negative ion purifier, which has a powerful sense of responsibility for the health. The Olansi air purifier is responsible for dust free, impurities free air that signifies the best health of you and your family.

The olansi air purifier has a bunch of its features, which all creative and well-planned for your home. This air purifier is simple in use, easy to place, and can also easy to carry. The air purifier makes your home environment healthy and fresh due to its compelling power. The Olansi air purifier is an electronic purifier. Professionals designed the Olansi air purifier wisely. Olansi Company made the air purifier with a strong focus on the requirements of people.

The body material of the Olansi air purifier is eco-friendly. It has six aluminum plates which are placed for various air impurities Such as, dust, microbes, bacteria, mites, etc. it provides quality air by making an ordinary air pure and offers several health benefits. It can work on a low electrical power which means no need to worry about the electricity bill.

The Olansi air purifier can quick absorb formaldehyde, TVOC, and benzene, secondhand smoke and ammonia. The aluminum plates of the air purifier are washable. The Olansi air purifier is eliminating the allergic bacteria and molds. No matter where you are? and what kind of impure air you have surrounded? The Olansi air purifier will give you the best and pure air for the better health of you and your family.

I have a bad experience about my past life along with many health problems like flu, cold and respiration problem. Once a time I met a friend in the market, and he suggested me an air purifier by observing my health condition. At initial, I do not take it serious, but after researching on the internet, I decided to buy the Olansi air purifier.

I remember that the seller had a wide range of air purifiers, but he suggests me the Olansi air purifier due to its multi-purpose functions and explained all its qualities. He gave me manual book further information.

When I reach home then, I just quick started the Olansi air purifier without thinking anything. We realize that this air purifier is making our home environment fresh and lovely. Undoubtedly this air purifier made my life healthy and impurities free.

The Olansi air purifier is the world’s most selling air purifier which offers an eco-friendly environment by providing a healthy and fresh air. Anyone can use at any place like, home, office shops, hospitals and other. If you are looking to buy an air purifier, then the Olansi air purifier will the best choice for, and it will give the best results ever.

About Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd

Established in 2009, located in Guangzhou City in South China, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a professional hydrogen water maker and air purifier OEM manufacturer. The products of the company contain pm2.5 air purifier, home air purifier, HEPA air purifier, ionizer air purifier, hot sale air purifier, room air purifier,hydrogen water machine and so on. All OEM air purifiers are manufactured in accordance with the CE, ROSH, and CB Certification.

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Contact Person: Daniel Yuan

Telephone: 86-20-86000438

Hydrogen Water Machine Produces Fresh And Germ Free Drinking Water For healthy Living

This content is all about a hydrogen water machine which makes your water high gene. Here I’m sharing my personal idea and experience about the hydrogen machine, that how I got my health back and how this machine is giving me a clean and germs free for the drink.

A hydrogen water machine is a water purifier machine, which make your drinking water high gene. This machine can make change ordinary drinking water into molecular hydrogen (antioxidants) water. Many people do not want the Alkalizing advantages of water ionizer for their body but, in the real, their body wants the healing of molecular hydrogen antioxidants. For a body heal the hydrogen water machine is an exact machine all the time.

hydrogen water maker

There were found many ways for the molecular hydrogen antioxidants by professionals, but they could not have anyway then a hydrogen water machine was discovered. A hydrogen machine is entirely different from a water ionizer machine. This machine does not divide the water into two parts or exhale the wastewater at any point.

A hydrogen water machine is a well-designed machine which can assert molecular hydrogen in our drinking water. This machine has good potential power to fight and avoid the harmful radicals all the time. A hydrogen water generator or a hydrogen water machine does an electrolysis process, in this process oxygen and hydrogen are divided, and water allows the only hydrogen in it. Permissive hydrogen-dissolved water has a high electron concentration.

Science declared that water is the primary source for being you healthy or sick because water is the main component which can enter our body directly. Our body needs 70% of the water from all our needs anyhow. Impure or unhealthy water contains salts, sugar, and other harmful chemicals, but through hydrogen, water machine can make this toxic water into a healthy by pushing out these toxic materials.

There are hundreds of electronic companies which are making hydrogen machines for our health care. A hydrogen machine is an automatic machine which needs electric power for its working. In the market, you will have a wide range of hydrogen machines, but all machines are designed for a primary purpose to make our drinking water high-gene along with hydrogen.

A couple of years ago I saw an advertisement about a hydrogen water machine. For the first, it was quite difficult for me to believe. After few days, I was in a market and saw a rush in an electronic store. When I entered the store then observed that many people are purchasing hydrogen machine. For my satisfaction I have asked the seller he explained me about that machine and told me the benefits of hydrogen machine. Without wasting my time, I have brought a hydrogen machine. From till to today my family and I are using this hydrogen water machine, and we all are getting high-gene water with high health.

If some are not healthy and not eating proper food by not having true hunger, then he must have to use a safe and light water. Light drinking water can produce only in a hydrogen machine. This machine will make your ordinary water into the safe and light water along with a good taste for you.

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